Trying Fancy Vegan Cheese—The Canadian Miyoko’s? 🤔 (The Very Good Cheese Co Taste Test & Review)

You can order these plant-based cheeses for US delivery on the Very Good Butchers website!

*This video is NOT sponsored by The Cultured Nut. A subscriber gave me a gift card to Very Good Butchers which is where I bought the cheeses 😊*

Follow along:

Intro 00:16
About The Cultured Nut 01:22
Flavors I’m trying 02:42
Packaging/expiration date confusion 03:38
Trying the mozzarella 04:24
How the mozzarella melted 05:28
Trying the cheddar 06:36
Trying the Havarti dill 07:45
Cat antics 😼 08:16
Back to the Havarti 08:33
Trying the Pepper Jack 09:20
Trying the smokey Gouda 10:03
How long do the cheeses last once opened? 10:31
Gluten free cracker disaster 🤦🏻‍♀️ 10:50
Paul trying the cheeses 11:07
Random musings on the cheeses 12:20
My *hilarious* Canada joke 13:30
Outro 13:55


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