Skinny Chicken Magic Diet Soup – Weight Loss – Magic Plan

Skinny Chicken Magic Diet Soup – Weight Loss

Now after a lot of e-mail’s asking me to get another Magic Diet Soup recipe, so this time I added a little more umff !! with some meat, so here’s the soup for you to lose weight.
I have used this soup before during my weight loss program that I started using this first Soup here “Magic Diet Soup – Lose Weight Fast – Low Gi.” Although this soup is a med GI, because of the carrots I find it works just great on its own because the protein just sticks to your ribs and lasts longer in your system.
I hope it works for you as it worked for me, and yes I do make this soup very often, say about twice a month just to keep my diet under control. Also, you can change the soup by just adding some meat to it and there you go the same diet soup, but with a different protein.
For more information and to get the full recipe, please click below’


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