Keto Almond Joy Bars | Low-Carb Mounds Bar + Bounty Bar | Sugar-free Coconut Candy Bar


A KETO way to make your own Almond Joy, Mounds, and Bounty bars. Sweet, chewy keto coconut filling coated in sugar-free chocolate.

Note: you can use erythritol in place of the isomalt, but make sure to eat these candy bars within 2 to 3 days, otherwise the erythritol is likely to crystallize and give the coconut filling a slightly grainy texture.


Low-carb Snickers bar recipe:

Other KETO candy bar recipes:

What is isomalt? What are sugar-alcohols, and why are they better than splenda or other 0-calorie sweeteners? Find out more about all the ingredients I use here:


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The Traveling Pastry Hunter (TPH):
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I create and share these recipes so that diabetics, carb-resistant people like me, and anyone else looking to avoid sugar can enjoy desserts that taste amazing.


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