How To Cook Sausages – Boil n Burn Method – Super Results – Sausage Recipe

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 How To Cook Sausages – Boil n Burn Method – Super Results – Sausage Recipe – For years i have been cooking my sausages all wrong, burning them on the outside to ensure the middle is cooked and pocking the life out of them, which is a big no no. This method that i call boil n burn works a treat every time. Give it a go. Methods of cooking perfect sausages Boiling first This method is one of my favourites as it helps seal all the moisture and flavour in. As well as water you could boil in beer (this was a particular favourite of ours when testing the methods.) as the ale really does add an extra depth to the flavour. Put your beer or water on and bring to the boil. Then reduce to a simmer and put the sausages in, making sure they are covered. Check with the probe after about 10-11 minutes. Once at 75oc remove and fry or grill on a high heat very quickly until brown. Oven cooking I never used to like sausages cooked in the oven until I started putting water with them. Place a small amount of water in an oven dish and then put sausages on a resting rack. Place the rack with sausages in the oven dish. The water should not be touching the sausages. It is just there to help steam while cooking. Cook on about 160oc (fan assisted oven) for 15-20 minutes and then check to see if at 75oc. If not brown you can always increase the temperature for a couple of minutes. Frying This will give a more greasy sausage but one with great flavour. With frying it’s all about being gentle. Put a very small amount of oil in the pan or with a good non stick pan you can cook without. A little fat should come out of the sausages to cook them in, but not too much. If the pan ends up full of fat and water they are not great sausages. Remember, life’s to short to eat cheap sausages! I cook mine on a medium heat turning occasionally for 22 minutes. When probed they were perfect! Grilling Grilling is a good way if you like the skins crisp. Again don’t cook on a high heat and only turn occasionally, probing after 15 minutes. Never prick a real sausage When cooking a ‘real’ sausage you should never prick it. It was common to prick sausages due to the bad state of the industry after the Second World War. As a result of rations sausages were full of bread and water to the point, where they would expand and explode when cooked, hence the name ‘bangers.’ Unfortunately after the war butchers saw it as a way to maximise profits, and kept the low meat content. As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK –
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