How I make SWISS ROLLS in 1 MINUTE using the microwave! Pay more attention if you’re on a diet!

NO Oven, No Flour, No Butter MINI SWISS ROLLS! Super easy microwave diet recipe

********** Ingredients **********
2 Eggs – about 60g each
Warm almond milk (100ml) – You can use milk instead
Oatmeal (2 Tbsp)
1 Steamed sweet potato (about 70g) – You can use banana, acorn squash or use protein powder depending on the flavor of the cake you want to make!

Peanut butter – You can use any spreads you have at home (strawberry jam, apple jam, etc.)
Dried fruits or nuts (optional)

– few drops of oil to coat the microwaveable ware (I used olive oil)
– 2~3 pinches baking powder (optional)

1. Mash the sweet potato til smooth.
2. Add 100ml warm almond milk (You can use milk if you want) and 2 Tbsp oatmeal. Set aside and wait for the oatmeal to get mushy and soggy.
3. Beat eggs, separating the yolk and the egg white. Combine the yolk with the oat mixture and put aside the egg white in a new clean bowl.
4. Beat egg whites to a stiff. I whipped until the scoop won’t fall off from the fork.
5. Combine the whipped egg whites with the oat mixture.
6. Use few drops of oil to coat all sides of the microwaveable ware. This is to let the cake fall from the ware easily after running in the microwave.
7. Fill in the prepared mixture about 1~1.5 cm thick from the bottom. Let them spread well and cover with a plastic wrap or just a plastic. Use fork or sharp objects to make few holes on top.
8. Run microwave for 1 minute.
9. Lay the bread on the flat surface, letting the smooth part lay downward!
10. Spread the peanut butter or any other spreads you have at home! I put some cranberries on top of the peanut butter! You can use any other dried fruits you have or even nuts would taste good!
11. Roll it up and put aside (put the end facing down), let cool.
12. Keep repeating steps 7~11 and make your own version of Swiss Rolls! Cut into bite sizes and you are all set!

I used peanut butter, cranberries and whipped cream! It’s really delicious with whipped cream which I kinda recommend!

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