Homemade best kesar pista malai kulfi recipe | Best summer kulfi recipe | Kulfi ice cream recipe

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malai kulfi recipe | find out how to make malai pista kulfi at dwelling with detailed photograph and video recipe. an genuine and conventional indian ice cream recipe also referred to as kulfi made with milk solids and kesar pista toppings. it is without doubt one of the fashionable and wanted dessert recipe from indian delicacies and served after lunch or dinner. historically these kulfi’s is made in an earthly pot referred to as kullad and therefore the title kulfi however nowadays it’s made with kulfi moulds.
malai kulfi recipe | malai kulfi ice cream with step-by-step photograph and video recipe. ice cream desserts are one of many fashionable decisions for the summer season. these may be made with totally different flavours and likewise totally different components. furthermore every area and nation has its personal variation to the ice cream class. one such simple variation from the indian delicacies is the kulfi recipe and the preferred variation is the malai kulfi recipe.



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