Fried Plantains Recipe …Sweet Platanos Maduros

Try this easy fried plantains recipe. Plantains are bananas, or more specifically cooking bananas, although you don’t have to cook them if they are ripe…you can just eat them like bananas, because…they are bananas. In the store, plantains are sold green and unripe, yellowing, or even totally black. A totally black banana is yucky, but a totally black plantain is okay…it’s one of those weird things in life. It’s fine to buy plantains at any stage of ripeness and use them for various recipes. Green plantains need cooking. They are hard to peel raw, not sweet, and very starchy, much like a potato. I like to boil green plantains. For frying plantains, I like to buy the medium-ripe plantains and slice them into planks and fry in oil in a skillet. They have a nice sweetness and make a tasty side dish for breakfast, especially with rice and eggs.
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Fried Plantains Recipe …try Platanos Maduros!

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What you need for this Fried Plantains Recipe

PLANTAIN …medium-ripe to ripe
OIL for sauteing
and seasoning is optional
…I like a bit of
and for an even sweeter
dessert-style side dish add
…but that’s crazy

How to Fry Plantains

Choose ripe plantains for frying, and buy plantains that are yellow to black in color. Feel the plantains and select ones that are semi-firm to soft, you can buy the super soft blacker plantains, but I prefer more texture.
Heat a skillet on medium heat and add oil.
Slice the tips off of the plantain and peel away the skin.
Cut the plantain in half through the center, and then cut each half lengthwise into 3-4 planks.
Slide plantains into the hot skillet.
Season top half if desired.
Fry until the bottom begins to brown, then turn and brown other side.
Add more seasoning if desired, or even some sugar, if you’re crazy.
Once the plantains are cooked to desired color, remove and drain on a paper towel,
Serve warm. They are great alone as a snack, or a tasty side dish, especially with rice or a seasoned meat dish. Have you ever heard of the expression “a little sweet and some meat”? Plantains mare a perfect combo for this dining idea. I really enjoy fried plantains for breakfast with fried eggs.

Give fried plantains a try and let me know what you think, and try green plantains, as well. Depending on the ripeness of the plantain, you can use them for a wide variety of dishes.

How to Cook Green Plantains

Green plantains are a great ingredient.
I like to boil green plantains.
Slice off the very tips of the plantain, but leave on the peeling.
Cut the unpeeled plantain into three sections.
Bring a pot of salted water to boil and add the plantain sections.
Reduce the heat and let the plantains simmer for about 20 minutes, or until a knife passes easily into the plantain.
Remove the plantains from the water.
Make a slice along the length of the cooked plantain and remove the peeling.
The banana will be very starchy, savory, and neutral in flavor, and you can use it just like you might a potato.
Experiment with green plantains a try them in some of your favorite potato recipes, and let me know what you think. I love them.


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